Circus Maximus 2019

Circus Maximus 2019 takes place in Llangollen from 5th September 2019 through to 8th September 2019. This page will be edited throughout the period leading up to the rally but in the meantime you can purchase tickets here

Early Bird Ticket only32.50 GBPEarly Bird Rally Ticket (incl camping)
Ladies Tshirt - Small15.00 GBPLadies Tshirt - Small
Ladies Tshirt - Medium15.00 GBPLadies Tshirt - Medium
Ladies Tshirt - Large15.00 GBPLadies Tshirt - Large
Ladies Tshirt - XLarge15.00 GBPLadies Tshirt - XLarge
Ladies Tshirt - XXLarge15.00 GBPLadies Tshirt - XXLarge
Gents Tshirt - Small15.00 GBPGents Tshirt - Small
Gents Tshirt - Medium15.00 GBPGents Tshirt - Medium
Gents Tshirt - Large15.00 GBPGents Tshirt - Large
Gents Tshirt - XLarge15.00 GBPGents Tshirt - XLarge
Gents Tshirt - XXLarge15.00 GBPGents Tshirt - XXLarge
Gents Tshirt - 3XLarge15.00 GBPGents Tshirt - 3XLarge
Your confirmation E-mail serves as your ticket. Please bring it with you to the Rally