Circus Maximus  takes place in Llangollen, North Wales from the 5th to 8th September 2019.      Get your tickets below

Just how much fun can you have in a weekend in September ……..





Standard Ticket37.50 GBPStandard Ticket (incl camping)
Ladies Tshirt - Small15.00 GBPLadies Tshirt - Small
Ladies Tshirt - Medium15.00 GBPLadies Tshirt - Medium
Ladies Tshirt - Large15.00 GBPLadies Tshirt - Large
Ladies Tshirt - XLarge15.00 GBPLadies Tshirt - XLarge
Ladies Tshirt - XXLarge15.00 GBPLadies Tshirt - XXLarge
Gents Tshirt - Small15.00 GBPGents Tshirt - Small
Gents Tshirt - Medium15.00 GBPGents Tshirt - Medium
Gents Tshirt - Large15.00 GBPGents Tshirt - Large
Gents Tshirt - XLarge15.00 GBPGents Tshirt - XLarge
Gents Tshirt - XXLarge15.00 GBPGents Tshirt - XXLarge
Gents Tshirt - 3XLarge15.00 GBPGents Tshirt - 3XLarge
Your confirmation E-mail serves as your ticket. Please bring it with you to the Rally