Happy New Year

It’s been a busy year for the Deva Legion as it returned to some form of normality in a world emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the work will continue in to 2023. As a H.O.G Chapter, we have worked within the boundaries of their guidance, but also applied the wants and needs of our membership locally too. We have had some changes at committee and membership levels – and multiple thanks needs to be aimed at those who stepped down from committee roles leaving the Chapter in good order for those stepping in to their respective shoes to build on…

We have lost some members to other Chapters, and some who have left the Harley Family (for now) too – we also saw 2022 take the lives of some cherished and respected Brothers and Sisters too. But we have also welcomed some new faces to the Chapter too, as we go from strength to strength in 2023 we look forward to this continuing!

It is hoped that 2023 will be a year of innovation (innovation built on legacy). We see the Harley-Davidson 120-year celebrations happening around the world and as H.O.G encourages, we will “ride and have fun”. Traditional ride-outs and social events, developed with suggestions from all members to take them to the next level. The main aim though will be to keep doing what we do well as a Chapter, and get better at the things we’ve found challenging.

Happy New Year everyone!

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