What a Weekend

Fantastic to see so many members of the Deva Legion, Chester at the Chocks Away Diner last weekend… we’re getting bigger and bigger (that’ll be the cooked breakfasts)! For now, we’re looking at keeping this as our breakfast home as it appears to be popular and presses many positive buttons for people.

A Few of us had a bit of a tour looking for our new ‘spiritual’ home too, it’s hard to find somewhere that does what we need in its entirety, but for now we may approach the Whitby Sports and Social Club (where we have held our monthly meetings for years) and ask if we can have a semi-permanent space there… more to follow on this.

We’re always after ideas for activities, ride-out destinations, LoH events etc. too, any suggestions then feel free to send them to: contact@devalegionhog.co.uk 

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