The 2022 Rally Story

Auction Outcomes…

The highest bidder in the auction for new pipes was Rick from the Deva Legion – we look forward to seeing them attached to his Dyna soon and say a huge thanks to him for his support and the donor of the pipes for their kindness!

Some of our guest’s Harleys:

In typical Harley Davidson style, they came in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and all looked (and sounded) fantastic!

As always, no two machines were the same at the Rally in the Valley and whether they were ridden to Llangollen, trailered, towed or brought in a van – everyone there (and some bystanders too) couldn’t help but admire them…

We were so proud of you and the way you presented your pride and joys, well done and thanks!

Just some of the musical delights that entertained us in to the night(s):

Rally in the Valley 2022: they came from far ‘n’ wide!

Deva Legion were privileged to welcome guests to the Rally in the Valley from all over the UK. Below are a snapshot of the back-patches that were ‘stalked’ by our Photographer!

Were you there – did he miss you? Let us know and we’ll get you on…

Circus Maximus 2022: the winners and thank-yous!

Raffle prizes galore – a massive thanks to Chester Harley Davidson for the top prizes!

And whilst things were being handed out, it was time to say thanks to some of the people who gave so much to develop such a great rally!

Circus Maximus 2022: Ladies of Harley Prosecco Evening

Our Ladies of Harley beauties met the beast as they arrived for the Circus Maximus 2022 Prosecco evening – sponsored by Bell Autos.

As the evening started, the mezzanine filled up along with the Prosecco glasses, but what happens on a Prosecco evening stays on a Prosecco evening (photos courtesy of

For more information and photos, visit the Deva Legion Ladies of Harley at:

YouTube Video

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