The 2023 Rally Story

Set in the beautiful River Dee Valley in Llangollen, North Wales our rally is held in the International Pavilion – it is one of the best rally locations in the UK!  


Llangollen Pavilion, Abbey Road, Llangollen, Denbighshire LL20 8SW

What a great year 2023 was for the Rally in the Valley, hosted by the Deva Legion, Chester – it was rumoured to be the best of the year and the best one that the Chapter had ever hosted in it’s 20 years of doing so! Great news. Feedback has been amazing, thank you to everyone who joined us and we look forward to welcoming you again in 2024 – tickets are on sale HERE.

So, start again with the images of 2023 – first things first… our prize winners:

Best Attended Chapter (aside from our own) of 2023: Bridgewater Chapter

Furthest Travelled for the Rally in the Valley 2023: Westpoort 66 Chapter

Early Bird Winners:
3rd – Tom (Fenlanders Chapter)

2nd – Louise (Red Rose Chapter)

1st – Stephen (1066 Chapter)

Main Raffle:
9th – Paul…

8th – Ian (Rolling Hills Chapter)

7th – Heather (Bridgewater Chapter)

6th – Janet (Deva Legion, Chester)

5th – Kev (Deva Legion, Chester)

4th – Debbie (Thames Valley Chapter)

3rd – Brian (Deva Legion, Chester)

2nd – Kelvin (Bridgewater Chapter)

1st – Ross (Clyde Valley Chapter)

Chester HD Hamper:
Kev (Deva Legion, Chester)

…then there was the bike show ‘n’ comp., below are the images of all the beauts that were entered in the competition. The results were tight due to some heavy duty voting and some excellent competition, but what you now see it the winners:

Best in Show: Ken (Deva Legion, Chester)

Best Big Twin: Tom (Red Rose Chapter)

Best Paint: Diane (Deva Legion, Chester)

Best Sportster: Cesary (Deva Legion, Chester)

Let’s get you access to some of the pictures.

The Thursday saw the gates open and visitors/ guests come flooding in – it was raining… but it wouldn’t be North Wales without a little drizzle! That evening we were 80s themed after a great suggestion by one of the Deva Legion members – well done Sharon. And it matched the band: 80s Gold. A great night and a good laugh.

See if you can pick out your favourite pic from the day by going to this album (click on the photo):

Then there was Friday – we had a dealer ride-out, taking in some awesome views and being fed half way through courtesy of Chester H-D, a massive thanks to the team who did the food and to the Kirk and the team at the dealership! Great ride-out as always…

But we made sure everyone got back in time to get ready for the Ladies of Harley Prosecco Event, Grease themed and led by Angie, the Deva Legion LoH Officer. It started, and carried on, while we were entertained by the awesome Zoot Serious and Bellyful of Bop… there’s a name to wrangle! Plenty of dancing again. A day to really hone in on the H.O.G ideal of riding and having fun. So, here’s some pics, again click on the image for more:

Saturday – the fun continued, people were proud of their caricature pictures from the Friday (especially Deva Legion’s Mark and Julie), loads of guests enjoyed the many stalls around the Pavilion grounds, and they had enjoyed good food and drink at decent prices… but not so much that they couldn’t do it all again!

Our annual parade ride-out took us over the Denbigh Moors to Pentrefoelas, a huge thanks to the village school for letting us use their playground to park (charitable thanks donation on the way), and to Bocs Bwyd for helping us feed and water everyone half way through. Joined by the Blood Bikes! A great ride, well planned and executed. And I think that even the people in Llangollen Village enjoyed the sight as they always do.

When we got back to the Pavilion, we were entertained by our afternoon band – The Swillers – always popular and doing the slot due to an evening booking; but we wanted them at some stage and we suspect they’ll be back! There was the bike show and comp. too.

That night, we had the Revival Band – a great night of music, dancing, awards and fun!

The picture below has a story (clicking on it opens the album): Edna, is 98 years young. When she heard from the school that we were dropping in to this beautiful little North Wales village, she got so excited! Why, because as a young girl she used to love to ride pillion on her Dad’s motorbikes. He rode Nortons and many other bikes but never Harleys – but we’ll forgive him as Edna was a joy! She told us stories, entertained us with anecdotes, welcomed us with open arms and even invited us back (…she may get her wish!). Edna was a gem, and we couldn’t resist putting her front and centre of our Saturday Gallery!