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May 2023

What a great month – for most people, not so good for a couple…

We left off from the Charity Drop at Claire House, with the Newbie Ride-Out at the start of April, so let’s work from there. This is Harley Davidson’s 120th anniversary year and the Deva Legion are determined to make it the best for social activities and ride-outs to really hit home that theme of ‘riding and having fun’!

We’ve had social evenings which have included presentations about the 2024 road-trip to the USA, what a bargain – so much planning for those able to go, and so much interest! Other evenings have included talks from the Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikers, wow – a great job being done by them as a voluntary organisation… further to this, we’ve had announcements of new Committee members, new Road Crew and new ideas being launched!

Over Easter, the Deva Legion took an invited wander to South Wales. They linked up with the Black Mountains Chapter and the Welsh Dragons Chapter and what happens in Wales, stays in Wales… or does it? We saw the demise of one Brother’s bike and another Brother’s foot! But both were looked after in true H.O.G fashion. Even some of the shorter ride-outs gave us the chance to ponder our chances though, Rivington Barn being a great place for leaving people behind in 2022 and throwing them sideways off the bike in 2023! But all is well, and these things add to the beautiful tapestry of Harley ownership.

We also travelled further afield (and our flags did too) ending up in Settle in North Yorkshire and Gibraltar of all places!

Then there was the first of the supported H.O.G Rallies for the year – the Cider Rally. Another well attended event with a really good Deva Legion presence, and lots to think about for our Rally in the Valley 2023.

We’ve had some great training days (thanks to Southport IAM), there’s been chippy runs (mmmmm, chips…), there have been LoH Pillion runs, and there’s been new bikes and returning bikes, fresh members and welcomed-back members too.

At our first multi-chapter ride-out, we took some time to remember our Brother Jeff with fondness, and welcomed over seventy bikes to Chester H-D for breakfast! What a great day. Then we took a ride to Llandudno for a meet’n’greet with the Lady Mayoress (don’t ask) – with the last couple of months wrapped up by the Deva Legion Blast – the chapter’s inaugural invitation event… another great weekend, planned and executed so well and raising great money for a good cause.

For all the details, check out the Facebook and Instagram sites for more stories and pics…

April 2023

And so it begins, today the Deva Legion rolled: delivering their charity ‘big cheque’ to Claire House Children’s Hospice and going on a local Newbie and Rust-Off Ride as a season opener. So what is the plan – where are we?

Since the beginning of the year, the Chapter has continued to grow from strength to strength – in terms of membership numbers as the renewal period arrived, and in terms of unity as a H.O.G Chapter. This has been evident at the unofficial rides, the Neffyn Weekender, the Curry Night, the Poker Run, the Coffee Catch-Ups, the Masterclass Visits, and the Breakfast Mornings. It’s been awesome.

We’ve welcomed some great new members to the Chapter, and kept some of the great ones too – we have a developing Committee, committed to working together FOR the members, with the members – for more on this, come to the monthly meetings to get the updates and plans and have your say! Speaking of the monthly meetings – they’re different too (pizza nights/ movie nights/ guest speakers and more!). The Deva Dispatches newsletter has been re-booted, there’s new merchandise on offer, the Ladies of Harley are ‘scheming’ events, and the road captains have some really breath-taking ride-outs planned…

But enough of all that, how has it begun?

We’ve started with an ‘industrial’ ride-out from Chester Services to the Wirral where we visited Claire House (the Chapter Charity for 2022) and dropped off our donation to them, it was obviously greatly received and we were rewarded with a brew! I call it industrial as we avoided all motorway riding and had the beautiful scenery (and smell) of the Stanlow Oil Refinery. But it was an interesting run… we started with nearly 30 bikes and nearly 40 people – and fortunately arrived with the same.

From Claire House, we headed out on a circle of the Wirral to introduce the Chapter Newbies to group riding and help the rest of us blow away the cobwebs! Firstly we ran through the village of Brimstage, and in to Barnston. Then we headed past Arrowe Park and to the Green Hut at Moreton Shore for tea, chips and ice-cream (even though our newest H.O.G Road Captain tried to lose us all along the way – thanks Paddy!). Once we were fed and watered adequately we meandered along the coastline taking in the villages of Hoylake, West Kirby, Heswall, Parkgate and Burton on the way back to our end-point: the border of Chester. about 70-miles in total with great weather, the usual good company, and a snapshot of the year to come.

The new riding year is starting, everyone loves pictures and stories so this space is going to become exactly that: a few pictures with the story behind them to tell the tale. Welcome to the Deva Legion HOG-BLOG!

Spontaneity; it’s a wonderful thing…

13th November 2022 – out to a beautiful North Wales with the Deva Legion

Chapter Ride-Out – 2nd October 2022

A chilly, overcast morning brought members of the Deva Legion together in Chester to drink coffee, talk Harley-Davidsons, and generally put the world to rights… ish.

We left, and wandered for an hour or so through some of the Road Captain’s favourite roads of North Wales. The scenery was phenomenal and the riding excellent and we eventually landed at Llyn Brenig for caffeine, a stretch and warmth (something for everyone!). The visitor centre was welcoming, with plenty of room for the bikes and us – and a great welcome from all.

Carrying on, we aimed along roads that must have no other purpose than to entertain motorcyclists – there’s no other obvious need for them, the views and twisties were just something else. Along that route we stopped for a photo-op! Eventually, we managed to get the traditional H.O.G™ Chapter Flag photo, but only after a couple of near-miss incidents with a bouncing iPhone, and a close call with a biker in high-vis and some sheep (don’t ask).

Time for lunch, and the Lakeside Cafe at Blaenau beckoned. Good banter with friends and fellow biker-types ensued as we ordered half a dozen meals on two tabs at one table – what could possibly go wrong!? Well, most meals were great but one went a little awry – but it came in the end…

A long run, about 130m for some door to door, finished with a brew at the Rhug Estate (apparently said as Rhheeeeeg), and then homeward bound.

Another great day! Why not become part of this – join the Deva Legion:

Evening Ride-Out – 28th September 2022

Travelling initially in to North Wales this evening, bordering to the north of Wrexham, our small in number but large in passion Chapter members and guests began to turn south and east and head towards our destination – The White Barn at Cuddington.

As we headed through places like Barnton, Beeston, Fadley, Nantwich, Winsford and Delamere in Cheshire, the sun started to set in our mirrors, and dusk began to envelope us. The views and conditions were fantastic, the riding conditions good and our guests (Steve and Thomas) had their first H.O.G™ Chapter ride-out experience.

On arrival, we settled down to eat, chat and laugh – as always – and admire new shiny things on some of the member’s Harleys… oblivious to the moisture gathering from the sky!

Leaving to go upon our merry ways, we found our soggy Harley-Davidsons, wiped them down and got on with it. As the throttles opened, so did the heavens, and seven enthusiastic Deva Legion riders eventually arrived home tired, drenched and happy from a great night out. All dried and cleaned ready to do it all again a few days later (as you see below):

Sound good, want to join us? Contact Ange: or come and meet us by checking out our Facebook events:

Chapter Ride-Out – 25th September 2022

What a great day – again. Thanks firstly go to the Road Captain (Dave) and Tail End (Hoppy) for the planning and execution that went in to this ride-out. A ride-out that included all the usual things but also all four key bonuses in one: coffee stop; lunch stop; fuel stop; and an ice-cream stop!

We left Chester Services on the M56 at 10.30, 14 bikes and 16 people and from there meandered through the lanes of Cheshire taking in the beautiful scenery. We headed south-west past the wonderfully smelling Roberts Bakery as the loaves did their own meandering along the production line, before following on to our first stop: Tegg’s Nose Country Park. If you’ve never been, try it – the views and cafe are lovely!

We left refreshed and stretched following a few photo snaps, and continued to take in the sights of Cheshire heading east(ish) towards Buxton and The Yonderman Cafe. And let me tell you… if you’ve never tried a pork pie with stilton on the top, then this is the place to do it!

We then started the return journey – a different route but just as impressive: through High Peak and in to the Knutsford area and our final treat… ice-cream at Seven Sister’s Farm, just before they closed (luckily or they may have been anarchy!).

This was the end of the run, we all split to go our separate directions in small groups and reflected on a great day!

Want a bit of this for yourself, do what our latest member (James) did, and get in touch with Ange:

Chapter Ride-Out – 18th September 2022

What a day – the weather was uncertain, and so was the Chapter (should we or shouldn’t we?), but we ride and we have fun as there is no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothing…!

As we met at Broughton, the numbers swelled – 13 Harleys and 17 people, a great turnout for what proved to be an awesome ride-out.

After a coffee and a gas we set out, wandering like a shiny snake through the roads of Cheshire in to North and Mid-Wales with Trev at the Head and James at the Tail, and everything in between loving it.

Arriving at the lake at Bala, we stopped for a well deserved caffeine top-up and then continued on to the south-west. Eventually, after experiencing some of the most beautiful roads and scenery we arrived at the seafront at Aberystwyth. The opportunity for a bite to eat, some photos and even some great dronage (made up Deva Legion word) by Rick!

As the day progressed, we splintered a little, with Chapter members doing their own thing for an hour or so in groups or individually – we play together and apart (whatever suits is good) before getting back together for the journey homeward!

What a day – huge thanks to the Road Captain and everyone who joined us for the day!

Chapter Breakfast Meet – 17th September 2022

Blue skies and a good brekkie – what more could you ask for? The answer, great company and a load of Harley Davidson motorcycles! And that’s exactly what we had.

A really good turnout, with faces from afar, new faces, old faces, and faces that just got filled with bacon, sausage and egg… a mixed bunch of bikes at Chester H-D today (maybe some are feeling tempted away from ‘other’ marques, and we’re not surprised).

Great to see brothers from the Mancunium Chapter, and get the chance for the new Deva Legion Secretary to be handed her patch officially by our Director Steve – well done Ange, and thanks for stepping up.

In other news: the dealership currently has some awesome H-D merch., and as for the bikes in stock – wow!!! Check them out here: Chester H-D

The ‘Not a Chippy’ Run – 14th September 2022

It was a lovely evening, and for those of the Chapter lucky enough to escape to the Harley early the opportunity to revisit the Northern territories (Sefton and South Lancs!). Or so I thought, I was wrong – new roads, different to the ones experienced on previous rides led by a Road Captain renowned for finding green lines… but not this time, or the last, or the one before that; his reputation is fading!

There was a small number of us, but we aimed for quality over quantity this time and succeeded. We were joined on the evening by our latest Chapter member on his new (and very nice) Harley – hopefully he felt the warm welcome of us all.

After our gentle, rumbling meander we arrived at the worryingly named ‘Sinners Club‘ – what a great place! Certainly not a chippy, and as the nachos, burgers, fries and drinks came so the volume of chatter increased – a great evening with good people!

We left in the dark, the temperature had dropped and the world looked and felt great from behind the visor!

Why not join us – if you’d like a trial ride-out, then follow us on Facebook and/ or email for details.

Chapter Ride-Out – 11th September 2022

Today we traversed the flats of Sefton and parts of South Lancashire. Meeting at the compulsory coffee shop to top-up and empty (as required), our rumbling snake of chrome worked it’s way along some fantastic roads with great scenery – which included (what I think was) a dog riding a polar bear… feel free to correct me or just ask what I’m on!

The morning started misty with a chill, and as the Wirralites amongst us made our way to the meeting point we were serenaded by the fog-horn of Liverpool Docks! By the time we set off on the run though, the sun was shining through and we found perfect riding weather to enjoy.

We arrived at Rivington and were treated to coffee by Team Sugden – no bacon butties though… but hey (just kidding). The gathering of motorbikes at Rivington was phenomenal, all sorts of shapes and sizes and even wheels for our Director to drool over with envy.

We turned back towards the start point and had a stop off for a photo opp. at the bottom of Winter Hill looking out over Greater Manchester. All in all a great day, with good company and tales to tell:

“…where’s your pillion Rick?”

“Good question – I thought she’d got on!”

Don’t ask

Chapter Meeting & Social – 25th August 2022

An evening of reflecting on some busy weeks of riding and socialising, and planning for the Deva Legion Rally in the Valley (Circus Maximus) starting next week! Many Chapter members attended this evening to go through the detail of where things are at – and where they are going next: exciting plans being highlighted by all of the Chapter Officers (including our new Secretary). Keep an eye out for details of ride-outs, social events, chances to meet and join the Chapter and the main discussion point for the evening – CIRCUS MAXIMUS – not long to go now!

An excellent fundraising raffle at the social too, with proceeds contributing to the running of the Chapter and the excess going to the Deva Legion nominated charity: Claire House.

Finalisation of the Deva Legion ‘festive do’ was also good to get in the bag, and we even got the discussions back on track regarding next year’s events, with H.O.G™ anniversary trips, celebration ride-outs, open and closed social events and many more in the pipeline…

Circus Maximus – Practice Ride-Out #2

The weather held out again, meeting at the services on the M56, the Deva Legion Road Captains, Road Marshals and members enjoyed a really good ride-out in to North Wales. Again, no spoilers here for those planning on joining us during Circus Maximus, but I can safely say that once we managed to negotiate the (apparently unnecessary) lane closures, the roads of Cheshire and North Wales opened up for us.

We climbed to our mid-ride briefing point: the Ponderosa and there we re-caffeinated!

Great to see so many other riders out too – but it was especially good to spend time with our column of about 16 bikes, and 20 people, perfect for testing routes and plans! Well done everyone.

Here’s to the rally proper: or

Chapter Breakfast – 20th August 2022

Great to see some of the Chapter and staff from the Chester Harley Davidson dealership today. The sun was shining and it brought out some new faces (and potential members) too… good to meet you and we can’t wait to see you again soon! The new Deva Legion Secretary had the chance to catch up with the Director, the cafe was able to accommodate fine dining as always, the showroom was buzzing and below are a few of the beauties that tempt us all on a daily/ weekly basis.

Chapter Camping Weekend – 12th August 2022

A chance for Chapter members to gather, drink, eat and have fun as per the H.O.G™ Charter…

A good time was had by all, hosted at a site local to Chester H-D: tents, motorhomes, bikes a BBQ and banter – not lot more needed really. You can tell it was a good weekend as there are few photos to share!

A massive shout out to our Safety Officer (Paul Z) for the great food – provided at no charge with all charitable donations going to Claire House, our chosen charity! Enjoy that cigar Paul, you deserve it…

Fancy being part of this? Contact Steve H at:

Circus Maximus – Practice Ride-Out

It was hot, it was busy, it was stressful but it was worth it!

The Road Captains, Road Marshals, Chapter members and guests gathered at Chester H-D to run the routes for the ‘Rally in the Valley’ Ride-Outs, a really good turnout where everyone knew what to do and how to do it! Plenty of reminders for those with experience, and plenty of guidance and support for the newbies!

We set off with full tanks and headed in to North Wales – I’m not going to be a spoiler but I will tell you that we took in some fantastic roads and sights, going to the Llangollen Pavilion first, then passing through Llangollen itself in a quiet and genteel way – not – before heading out along some of the finest roads on offer, even taking in the Ponderosa for ice-cream!

The weather was awesome, the company great and the organisation second to none… well done and massive thanks to everyone involved.

If you want to join the ride-out proper, then make sure you have your rally tickets, start here for an overview and then links to the ticketing space – not long to go now, with some great bands booked for one of the finest H.O.G™ rallies in the country, you have to be there!

Ride-out – 7th August 2022 (Road Captain: Stu Norton)

We all travelled from various parts of the North West, battling the M6 or negotiating the A-Roads of Cheshire and North Wales to meet in sunny Broughton, Chester. It was good to see various aircraft being prepared at the local airfield for an airshow coming soon… once we had gathered, caffeinated and been briefed by the Road Captain we set off on a meandering ride through Cheshire to Telford and a stop for a brew and a leg stretch (13 of us, on 11 Harleys)! We then carried on to our destination – Blithfield Reservoir – for ice-cream which was bought for all by the Road Captain (an example we think all Road Captains should follow – hahahaha).

After a chat, removal of dairy products from beards, some banter with the locals and a quick drone-flight, we set off again powering (in a controlled and disciplined fashion) through Stafford for lunch – or apple pie in my case!

The weather stayed fantastic, the bikes performed the way we expected, we met some great people, rode some great roads and then all drifted back up north(ish) finishing our ride-out at Prees Heath. What a day, huge thanks to the Road Captain (Stu) and the Rear Guard (Steve) – great job!

If you’re thinking of joining the Deva Legion H.O.G™ Chapter then get in touch – you’ll be made welcome and become part of a community who like to ride and have fun:

“…have you all got empty bladders and full tanks?”

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Ride-out 22/5/22 led by Stu Norton

Chapter Breakfast Catch-Up 21/5/22