Deva Legion AGM 2023

Last week saw the 2023 Deva Legion AGM, an excellent evening of announcements, reports, prizes, fun and food…!

2023 sees a new Chapter Director in Stu Norton; Stu takes the reigns from Steve Hopwood who did a great job in transitioning the chapter from post-COVID times to where it is today. Stu took the opportunity to announce his committee: Ange Baron (Secretary); Brian Crawford (Treasurer); Ian Sugden (Head Road Captain); Sue Norton (Liaison Officer/ Merchandise Officer); Paul Zaiglin (Safety Officer/ Activities Officer); Paul Jones (Webmaster/ Editor); and Angie Dowdeswell (Ladies of Harley Officer). Finally a specific, but non-committee position for Graham Bell: Rally Director. Further to this, Stu announced a new list of Road Captains and Road Marshalls for 2023 and reminded all members that opportunities exist to support the chapter in many ways.

Each Committee Member offered their report from 2022, including the Past Director who was praised for the work done to date! All looks positive for the new year, and there are a number of great rides and events planned – including Harley Davidson 120 Events.

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Safe riding everyone!

Deva Legion – New Director

The Deva Legion is pleased to announce that Stu Norton has become their new Chapter Director.  “I’m really pleased, and honoured, to be given the opportunity to take Deva Legion into its next phase; to make it bigger, stronger and more inclusive for its members.”  The Chapter is in a positive place, it continues to have the support of Chester Harley-Davidson, and carries on being an integral part of the wider H-D family. Stu passed his thanks to his predecessor (Steve) stating: “I’d like to thank Hoppy for looking after the Chapter this past year, we have a membership that continues to grow and its voice will be essential to this years planning. We look forward to his continued support and company in to 2023.” Following the announcement, Stu looks forward to taking a few weeks to look at what comes next, with a Chapter AGM looming at the start of February he hopes that change brings with it great weather, great ride-outs and a great social calendar for the membership to enjoy. 

Happy New Year

It’s been a busy year for the Deva Legion as it returned to some form of normality in a world emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the work will continue in to 2023. As a H.O.G Chapter, we have worked within the boundaries of their guidance, but also applied the wants and needs of our membership locally too. We have had some changes at committee and membership levels – and multiple thanks needs to be aimed at those who stepped down from committee roles leaving the Chapter in good order for those stepping in to their respective shoes to build on…

We have lost some members to other Chapters, and some who have left the Harley Family (for now) too – we also saw 2022 take the lives of some cherished and respected Brothers and Sisters too. But we have also welcomed some new faces to the Chapter too, as we go from strength to strength in 2023 we look forward to this continuing!

It is hoped that 2023 will be a year of innovation (innovation built on legacy). We see the Harley-Davidson 120-year celebrations happening around the world and as H.O.G encourages, we will “ride and have fun”. Traditional ride-outs and social events, developed with suggestions from all members to take them to the next level. The main aim though will be to keep doing what we do well as a Chapter, and get better at the things we’ve found challenging.

Happy New Year everyone!

Sad News & Condolences

The Deva Legion has lost one of its own.

We are sad to have to announce the passing of Jeff Hughes. Jeff was our long serving parts-man at Chester Harley Davidson, and will be sadly missed by all. It is so sad, members of the Chapter have commented that Jeff was such a nice person, always willing to have a chat. Some have known him since they first went into the dealership over 13 years ago. One member says: “its a real tragedy – Jeff was one of the most friendly and helpful people you could come across and would always go the extra mile when you were in a pinch”. Jeff was a genuine guy who knew his stuff, he was always up for a chat and understood that customer service was about more than just selling… we’re so sorry to hear about his passing. He will be sadly missed by many people, he always went out of his way to look after customers, what a wonderful guy.

Everyone will be keen to support, and pay their respects in any way they can when the time comes, it will be a privilege to escort our Brother on his last journey. Our condolences go to Jeff’s family, friends and close colleagues at this difficult time.

R.I.P Jeff

HM Queen Elizabeth 2nd

The Deva Legion offer their condolences to the royal family and all those affected by the death of the Queen. This is not a political or royalist/ anti-royalist post, merely an expression of sadness at the death of a monarch who served her country doggedly and with honour for so many years…


RiP Queen Elizabeth 2nd